Kasha Pat Villages

Kasha village of Shimla

The remotest region of Shimla district

Deep inside Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary, Kasha Pat villages have been living without a road connectivity for many years. I have heard the road has reached Pat village now. Hope it reaches Kasha village soon.

So this is a story of Spring 2017, when I was invited to Kasha village for a festival by Mr. Satyawan Saini, the Pradhan of the villages. He is an advocate from Rampur and is a well respected figure in villages. People count on him to settle their land and family disputes. The simple folk of these villages avoid taking the lengthy legal route.

To see the behind the scene pictures of the journey. Head over to my personal blog. Link is given below

Behind the Scenes – Kasha Pat Villages

The Pictures

Pat Village of Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary
Kasha Pat Villages of Shimla
Kuthaar – A wooden granary in Kasha village
Houses in Pat Village
A local taking Mr. Saini to his house to resolve a family dispute.
Satyawan Saini, the pradhan, resolving a property dispute.
Kasha village
People of Kasha village
Streets of Kasha village
Inside a home in Kasha.
Kasha village of Shimla
Kasha village.
Lady of Kasha village.
Men of Kasha village
Kasha village
Kasha village
People of Kasha village.
Little girl of Kasha greeting us.
Walking in the forest of Kasha
Snow clad mountains behind Kasha village.
People performing Naati dance in Kasha village.
Hike towards Kasha village.

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