The Story of ‘Life in Shimla’

Orange Sunset, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
Orange Sunset, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

Born and brought up in the mountains, I consider myself privileged to have spent most of my life in the beautiful hill station of Shimla. Like any other Shimla boy, I’v spent most of my childhood strolling on the Mall road for hours. Enjoyed my daily walks back from school through the forest of Himalayan Cedar on the forest road to Chotta Shimla, while sipping the orange ice candy from the small ice cream shop at Embassy restaurant at The Lift. Shimla is where my love for photography bloomed. While walking home from my school, I would see the elements of nature blend together to create the most beautiful sunsets every day. Each sunset was new and I had to share it with my friends.

So, as a tribute to this beautiful town, I have designed this website to document the life in Shimla. I’ll weekly update this website with new content. Do subscribe, to get email updates. You can also follow this project on Twitter and Facebook


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