Warm sunlight falling on the town of Shimla with the Himalayan mountain range in the background on a cold winter night.

This photo has a funny story. Few years back when I uploaded this picture on Facebook, people failed to believe the shot. Some thought the mountains in the background were added later on Photoshop. Surprisingly, most of the critiques were from Shimla only. That is when I realised that there were people in Shimla who choose to simply ignore this beautiful sight of Shimla as seen from the mountains of Tara Devi, which is right opposite to the Mall road. I was really glad to discover this rare view of this beautiful town.

On a clear day, you can easily see mountains behind Shimla town from Tara Devi Temple itself.

Shimla Town with Himalayan Range in the background.

Shimla Town with Himalayan Range in the background.

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