A monkey trying to drink with a cup in Shimla. © Himanshu Khagta
A monkey trying to drink with a cup in Shimla. © Himanshu Khagta

Your story, My Pictures.

Shimla is not restricted to The Mall Road. It has a soul of its own. With beautiful meadows and unexplored lakes of Rohru to the traditional architecture at Rampur – Shimla is a lot more than just a small hill station.

Why ‘Life in Shimla’?

My idea behind ‘Life in Shimla’ was to share the diversity of cultures, traditions and natural heritage of this beautiful land.

So, I need your help in documenting the traditions, festivals, cultures and everything that goes on under its territory.

If you have a story to share, I have my pictures to go with them. You need not be an experienced writer. You just have to be a storyteller. We all are.

What type of stories can I submit?

  • Folklores of different areas.
  • Stories your Grandma shared with you.
  • Travel stories.
  • History.
  • Our food.
  • Festivals.
  • Unique rituals.
  • The details behind our traditional costumes.

I don’t wanna write. How else can I contribute?

You can invite me to your village or a festival. I will be more than happy to be a part and take pictures.

Will I be paid for the articles?

I am not making any money out of this. Instead, I am putting my own to keep the website running.
If I earn anything through Life in Shimla, it will be shared equally with the writers.

Where should we email our stories?

Please email me a short description of our contribution before sending me the whole thing. If your submission is approved, I’ll get back to you and create an account for you on this website.

Email me at –


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